Building Your Financial Foundation

Debt Elimination

Individuals are carrying too much debt throughout their lives and into retirement. What if I could show you how to get out of debt (including your mortgage and lenders) in 9 years or less without spending any additional money than you are spending today? I can show you how!

Estate planning

Estate planning, is about guardianship and conservatorship. We focus on guarding our clients, preserving their assets, keeping our clients out of probate to avoids lawyers and court costs. If you lost the ability to manage your affairs due to an incapacitation; sickness, accident or death, do you have planning documents in place for someone you trust to be able to manage your affairs for you? 

Guaranteed retirement income

Our approach is to look at our client’s current retirement plan today to make sure they are reaching their retirement goals.  We help our clients identify what their retirement mailbox money will be through a cash flow analysis to understand what the retirement money will look like every month.

Long Term care

Most people do not think they need to plan for or worry about long term care until later in life. If something were to happen to you today and you needed that long term care, what pool of money would you use to pay for the expenses? Establishing a LTC plan sooner than later reduces stress and saves money.  Planning for the future also ensures your dependents don’t have to worry about your care in the future.